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Have you ever wondered whether you should use part-worn tyres to try and save money?   There is no way that you can know what hidden damage there is on part-worn tyres; they are imported from the continent where the legal limit is 3mm and sold over here to people who are happy to wear them down to our legal limit of just 1.6mm in the mistaken belief that they are good value. Just take a look here at how a man has lost his quality of life through using "part worns" and maybe  you'll understand that a new budget tyre is better than an unsafe used one!

Take a look here at the latest new tyre labelling information so you can make a more informed choice when looking for new tyres.  Now you can choose an economical tyre, a quiet tyre or a good wet-grip tyre for safer braking!

Your tyres are your only source of grip on both the road and your life.

At every service we will report on your tyre tread depths and always recommend changing them when they have 3mm or less of tread left.

To see why police forces and sensible drivers replace theirs at 3mm (rather than the legal minimum of 1.6mm) visit the RoSPA site and look at the statistics or visit the Continental tyres site and watch the video! You will be a more careful pedestrian and driver in wet weather when you realise how far it actually takes "just legal" tyres to stop!

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