Using technology to keep your car running well

Modern vehicles require specialist diagnostics to communicate with the on-board computer system that records and oversees different functions on your car. Some high-end vehicles can even have this system adjusted to produce more power, vary the softness of the suspension, or increase fuel economy. Your on-board computer records problems with your vehicle and logs them to aid future maintenance work, and to highlight potential issues before they become obvious and, potentially, expensive.

Identifying problems with Diagnostics

Using our state-of-the-art Bosch diagnostics systems, we will connect with your on-board computer and run a full analysis of your vehicle to ensure that it is running at optimum efficiency. Our systems check every area of your vehicle’s performance from gearbox, exhaust, engine performance through to the braking system, looking for signs of potential issues that may not be clear to the eye, allowing our skilled technicians the opportunity to replace or repair any issues before they cause damage, extending the life of your vehicle and saving you money in the long run.

Available for all modern car makes and models

Our Silver & Gold services include a diagnostic check at the time of the service.
At other times a diagnostic check is chargeable but please contact us for details.

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