Have you had your BRAKES checked recently?

All garages do not service cars the same way. At Top Marques we pride ourselves on the fact that even our lowest cost service includes us removing the road wheels and properly checking the status of your brakes - to ensure your safety.

So if you see a brake warning lamp pop up on the dashboard, feel that the brakes aren't working as they should, hear strange noises when braking or smell burning after hard braking make sure you contact us to have the brakes checked.  01462 437142

Remember that good brakes and good tyres are your tenuous link to life on this beautiful planet while you're driving.  Brake pads and discs are consumable items on your car, their use wears them out so they have to be replaced

Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)

Anti-lock brakes are a standard feature on modern cars, working to avoid the wheels locking up and the car skidding under heavy braking.  If an ABS warning lamp pops up on the dashboard don't delay getting it checked out because you never know when an emergency stop may be required and the anti-lock system may save your (or someone else's ) life.

Brake Hoses and Master Cylinder

The hydraulic fluid which operates the brakes flows through metal and rubber pipes which are exposed to the elements and can fail.  Our regular servicing ensures that we check and advise you well before these may cause problems.

Brake Pads

Over time, the brake friction pad wears down with use, and requires replacement. Most vehicles have sensors in the pad which pop up an alert on the dashboard when the pads wear thin and need replacing.  However, they are not foolproof and when you hear grating noises during braking that means a pad has worn completely and the metal backing is scraping the disc and wearing it out!

Brake Discs

Your brake discs are gripped by the brake pads to slow the vehicle down. The discs are slowly worn thinner until they reach a minimum safe thickness when we will advise their replacement.  Frequently low mileage vehicles suffer rusting of the discs which causes uneven braking and wears the discs out faster!

Any juddering when braking must be investigated promptly so stay alert  to how the car feels under braking and if a change is felt get the brakes checked soon.

To ensure your braking system is working as efficiently as possible, contact Top Marques garage to book a brake service and make sure that your vehicle is able to stop when you really need it too.

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If you're interested in more detail of how braking systems work try this link...

How Car Brake Systems Work

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