Air Conditioning

Refreshing your Air Conditioning

When your air conditioning unit is struggling to perform in the next British heatwave just drive straight round to us and we will be delighted to put a cool breeze back into your vehicle’s interior!

If your airflow doesn't smell as sweet as you'd like it to, we can carry out a full anti-bacterial clean of your air con & ventilation system. This removes the nasty, smelly bugs that give stale air conditioning that awful smell, and can sometimes make their owners unwell by spreading germs, or setting off asthma symptoms.

Keep cool this summer

For aircon servicing & refreshment just call Top Marques on 01462 437142 or send us a message on the contact form below!

There are two different aircon systems which due to the different cost of the gases
involved are priced as follows......

"Old Type" R134A gas - Service & Regas from £99 inc vat

"New Type" R1234YF gas - Service & Regas from £125 inc vat

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